Nigerian Woman Sparks Ebola Panic In Germany After Collapsing At Jobcentre

Photo: Getty Images/Daily Mail


A Nigerian woman was rushed to hospital on Tuesday after collapsing at a job centre in Germany in a suspected case of Ebola.

The woman had reportedly arrived at the centre with a fever before collapsing while in the building.

Up to 600 people who were said to have been in contact with the woman were being delayed from leaving the building as Police and authorities put the building on a lock down in order to contain a potential spread.

Rolf Erbe, a Police fire department spokesperson said that because the drastic measures were necessary as the woman came from Nigeria and she also reportedly told officials she’d recently come in contact with people infected with the disease.

The world’s worst outbreak of Ebola, a virus with a death rate of 90% broke out in West Africa in April this year and has since killed over 1, 200 people.

The countries with known cases at the moment are Nigeria, Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone.

Although, it is still mainly prevalent in these countries, the World Health Organisation have warned that the disease is out of control and the movement of people from different parts of the world to others was a risk in the transmission.

Countries in the west have been on high alert, training health workers on what to do should they suspect someone has the disease.

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