Nigerian President Jonathan threatens website with legal action over rich list

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan has threatened to sue the website for libel that had listed him as one of Africa’s top 10 richest leaders.

Mr Jonathan was ranked as sixth on the list, claiming that his net was worth $100m (£62m), however a statement from the presidency said my the President’s inclusion on the list had “no factual facts” was try to view him as corrupt.

The statement released by the presidency on Wednesday said there had been “no signification variation in the totality” of Mr Jonathan’s assets as declared to the bureau in 2011.

This figure by the website was “a very, very far cry from $100m figure now being bandied about by and other irresponsible, copy-cat publications.”

The statement also said that the president “had regularly declared his assets as required by Nigerian laws. He has had no personal income since 1999 other than his official remuneration as deputy governor, governor, vice president, acting president and president which are matters of public record.”

Since then, the site has removed the Nigerian leader’s name from the list, saying where it should be “This article has been removed” and with a link to another website that evaluation his finances.

It should be a small matter that isn’t taken so seriously, however President Jonathan has been criticised in the past for not declaring his assets clearly. In 2012, an official from the Code of Conduct Bureau had been quoted by the Vanguard newspaper to have said that the president had declared his assets, but was not obligated by law to make such a declaration public.

Legal action has been threatened by the office of the presidency unless the website retracts the article and offers an apology.

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