Nigeria has no active cases of Ebola, yet students are being refused admission from US schools

Pot calling Kettle Black?

A community school in the Texas, Navarro College has been criticised for refusing admission to Nigerian students because they come from a list of countries where Ebola has been confirmed.

In a letter being widely circulated on Twitter, the school apologizes for turning down the Nigerian student because they were not taking students from West African countries affected with the dreaded disease even though ironically, the first confirmed case of Ebola in the country is only miles away in Texas in the US with another nurse being confirmed with the disease.

Ebola has killed over 4, 000 people in west Africa according to estimates by the WHO with countries like Sierra Leone and Liberia being the worst hit. The epidemic is the most severe in recent times and health workers warn that they have been unable to control and contain the spread in the prevalent countries, hence it is only a matter of time before the disease reaches other countries and continents as people travel from one place to another.

Indeed Nigeria has already battled the disease although it has successfully controlled the spread after a Liberian diplomat who travelled to the country died after contracting the disease. A number of Nigerian health workers also lost their lives after coming into contact with the deceased.

In the last week, the countries with confirmed cases of Ebola has increased with Spain having reported that a nurse who treated a Spanish Priest who had contracted the virus while working in Africa had also contracted the virus and all those who have been in contact with her have been quarantined as the country attempts to contain the spread.

Ebola has a three-week incubation period during which a person who has the virus may show little or no symptoms while they carry out normal everyday tasks and activities or even travel without being aware of being infected. The first signs of the virus are a raised fever, weakness, diarrhoea, unexplained haemorrhage weakness and severe headache.

In response to the increased threat of Ebola crossing borders, the UK has announced plans to step up security at major airports with body scans and health checks before allowing people into the UK.

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