Nicki Minaj- Why Black artists aren’t speaking out against Police violence in America

The reigning queen of hip hop finally broke her silence about the current spate of killings of black youths in America by armed police officers. In her cover story for the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine, Nicki says she finds the violence ‘sickening’. “I’ve been reading so many people saying, ‘Why are we surprised?’ That’s what’s really sad: that we should somehow be used to being treated like animals.”

The rapper who is currently promoting her latest album, The Pink Print told the magazine, “It’s gotten to the point where people feel like there’s no accountability: If you are law enforcement and you do something to a black person, you can get away with it.”
Racial profiling has risen to the forefront of issues in America after recent killings of Mike Brown and Eric Garner. The killings of these black men along with other black youths in 2014 alone has led to several protests in America, with campaigners calling for a reform of the US justice system and an end to racial profiling. While some black celebrities have shown support for the protests, many high-profile black celebrities were seen to have taken a neutral or no stand at all- a fact that fans have decried.


During this candid interview, Minaj tells Rolling Stones, that people shouldn’t expect black celebrities to speak up, because of previous incidences.

In reference to rapper Kanye West’s infamous outburst during the hurricane crisis, where he accused then President George W. Bush of ‘not caring about black people’. Kanye was forced to apologise for his outburst afterwards…twice.

She says, seeing what happened to someone as high-profile as Kanye being made to apologise for publicly making his feelings known was enough to put other high-profile black celebrities off saying anything for fear of being shut down in a similar way.

“People say, ‘Why aren’t black celebrities speaking out more?’ But look what happened to Kanye when he spoke out. People told him to apologize to Bush!”

“He was the unofficial spokesman for hip-hop, and he got torn apart, and now you haven’t heard him speaking about these last couple things, and it’s sad. Because how many times can you be made to feel horrible for caring about your people before you say, ‘Fuck it, it’s not worth it, let me live my life because I’m rich, and why should I give a fuck?’

Pink print is Minaj’s most emotional and personal work till date. She’s spoken extensively about why she wanted to make the album personal, because, she wants her fans to know that even though she’s a celebrity, she also goes through all the usual things in life-like everybody else.

The album details her struggles with juggling fame and spending time with family, heartbreak and the heartache of the baby she never had.


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