Nick Canon denies relationship with Amber Rose- takes lie detector test

Cheeky actor and presenter Nick Cannon is at it again, this time, he’s got a good partner in 1Xtra DJ Charlie Sloth


Mariah Carey’s ex has been disturbing the peace in London recently. The father of 2 was at BBC 1 Xtra studios on Tuesday where he was interviewed by show host Charlie Sloth  and the funniest chat ensued involving sex, tings, Mariah Carey and Amber Rose.

After Sloth warned the actor he was about to unleash the lie detector test on him, Cannon replied for the DJ to bring it on as he promised to tell the truth while sipping his tea.

Sloth began by grilling him about his current relationship with ex Mariah Carey. ‘Have you done the ting with Mariah Carey’, asked the DJ in reference to rumours that the couple were now ‘friends with benefits’ after their split. Cannon calmly replied that he wasn’t ‘doing the ting’ with his ex, but he however, insisted that the pair ‘would remain friends for life’. He then asked the same question of Amber Rose who divorced her husband Wiz Khalifah only in September. Cannon again denied he’d had any relations with the ex model, only to fail the lie detector test.

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It didn’t take long for the talk to get down to the hot topic of his relationship with Kim Kardashian, whom he dated briefly in 2006. Cannon was asked to take a lie detector test during the show and when asked about having had a relationship with a Kardashian, the actor (understandably) became coy. ‘Have you ever done a “ting” with one of the Kardashian sisters?’, asked Sloth, to which Nick replied, ‘Yes”, he said before quickly adding “And I always get in trouble when I talk about this but I always tell the truth so….”

He was then asked to confirm which sister in particular and again, he evaded the question initially by replying, “The OG Kardashian”. He did eventually admit it was Kim before adding that the Kardashian’s were ‘some of the most incredible people’ he’s ever met in his life.

Just watch the video, we couldn’t possibly do it justice.


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