New York Fashion Week Highlights: Kanye West x Adidas Originals

by Azeezat F. Sulaiman


Kanye debuts his ‘Yeezy’ collection at New York Fashion week for Adidas. West showed off his collection to an A List front row that boasted anyone who was anyone in the fashion and entertainment industry. From Rihanna, Justine Bieber, Jay Z and Beyoncé, to Vogue Editor in Chief Anna Wintour.

The highly anticipated collection has been met with polarising reviews since it’s launch at the start of New York Fashion Week and we have to say, we’re not surprised.

While we love you Kanye, at first glance, the pieces look very much a miss  sorry!). We love a chunky knits because they’re cozy, but those oversized jumpers distressed as though they’ve just been chewed by moths didn’t really have us jumping for joy. They were unflattering and they looked tired, just like the models wearing them.

We’re guessing the look they were going for was a minimalist look, stripping everything back to the very basics. But some of the models looked more miserable than resolute. One thing the show did have going for it was diversity. In every sense of the word, there were models of all shapes, heights and colour at the show and this was a strong statement by Kanye to the fashion industry- one which we welcome very much.

The main crux of the confusion for most fashion critics however, seem to be the flesh coloured body stockings. If you think about it, wearing something that covers you from head to toe is actually a welcome idea, particularly during the winter months, but you wouldn’t really walk the streets in your tights and just a crop top, while your knickers are apparent though would you?

One can only hope that as with all things Kanye, this collection has deeper meaning than meets the eye. As a rapper and designer, Kanye is very controversial. He makes headlines for always speaking his mind regardless of how we receive it, a trait we love about him. He is also hugely talented and one of those artists who has such a close affinity to his craft, that it’s by extension a part of him. For this reason, we have to come to the conclusion that this collection is an expression of art in Kanye’s own way and those who get it, will get it.

The rapper himself described the collection as ‘a solution based’ collection and that he wanted to ‘crack the pavement’ and show the world that awesome was still possible.

One piece of the collection we’re sure will be flying off the shelves when it comes to Adidas stores later in the month are the main star attraction of the show- the Yeezy Boosts, some of which some lucky fans have already got their hands on, courtesy of the star.


Main features: Body stockings, oversized and distressed knits, neutral colours, military style jackets

What we love about the collection: We’re not quite sure yet!

Images: Vogue


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