A New Dawn- Nigerians In The Diaspora Launch New Political Party

Move over PDP and APC, there’s a new party in town that everyone is talking about.

A group of Nigerians in the UK have come together to launch the ‘Diasporan Party’, a new political party recently launched in the UK with the aim of providing a platform for Nigerians who are genuinely interested in bringing change to the country but are weary of joining the other existing platforms in the country which many see as part of the problem.

The Diaspora Party was formed when some passionate Nigerians in diaspora united in London for a common cause in November 2013 to form a political party.

The party was founded by individuals who were not associated with any political parties in Nigeria and have never been involved in politics but are passionate about the country.

Spokesperson for the party Ola Akinboh, who spoke at a conference organised by the party at Limehouse in London on Saturday the 26th April said, ‘The Diaspora Party is a political party that was initiated by a group of Nigerians who came together to think about how we could bring about change in Nigeria.’

“It is a party that will serve of every Nigerian, a party that will truly represent the interest of every Nigerian, a party that will bring about changes in Nigeria, not the kind that we’re witnessing now,” he said.

Part of the new party’s daring ambition is to bring about change without emulating some of the practices of incumbent government and existing political parties.

In a statement released by the party, it states,

“The party gives people the opportunity to participate in the political process in Nigeria where nobody is supreme within the party rather the party is sovereign, no nepotism and the leaders are solely elected based on merit.A party where any Nigerian can hold a position within the party or stand for any political position purely on merit without the need to know or associate with the leaders of the party; and the leaders can also be challenged by any member of the party.”

The party works on the following ideologies:

Interest of the people: The Diasporan Party serves the interests of everyone where decisions are made solely in the interest of Nigeria rather than the members or the leader of the party. The party recognises that Nigerian interests are far superior to any other interests both locally and internationally especially listening and catering for the people.

Fairness and Equality: The party membership is open to every Nigerian and its members are treated fairly and equally; and are able to stand for any political position based on their ability. There are strict limits on what individuals and corporate bodies can contribute to the party annually thus averting undue influence.

Meritocracy: The party that promotes merit, thereby ensuring that people should hold positions based on their ability rather than who they know or associate with, ethnicity, age, tribe or religious association.

Transparency: The party that strongly believes in a fair and clear system whereby there are no hidden agendas. It also promotes openness and clear policies that are easily scrutinised.

Justice and Accountability: To ensure and protect the Rule of Law, everyone should be held accountable.

The party will be focusing on key areas including poverty alleviation, social welfare, unemployment and education to start off their campaign.

To find out more about the Diaspora Party and how to become a member, log on to www.diasporanparty.org


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