#NaijaLivingCrush- Stylish Ankara Print Umbrellas from Babatunde

Fancy an umbrella in Ankara print? Well a designer called ‘Babatunde’ has designed these lovely Ankara umbrella’s but it’s not for the rainy season sadly, because these are made out of African cloth, it will be unable to cover you from  the rain and will soak right through!

However, these are brilliant for when you are visiting a hot country as they are able to block out sun-rays. They’re also bright and radiant and made with real wax cloth to add some African Authenticity.

Babatunde began in central Johannesburg in 2009, the brand began by making hats and caps in small sample sizes to test out the success rate of the designs. The brand decided upon the name ‘Babatunde’ because it means ‘the father returns’ . A statement made by the brand on their website goes, “We at Babatunde urge the father-figures to return to Africa. Respect yourself and those around you and make decisions that benefit Africa”.

The brand promotes strong African values to represent the continent.

The brand is based in South Africa, but you can shop from their France store online here.






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