“My Black Femininity Has Never Been Up For Debate,” says Taiwo Ajayi- Lycett

The #FiftyShadesOfBlack campaign is gradually gathering pace in Nigeria with the latest supporter Taiwo Ajayi-Lycett declaring that young black women be ‘proud of their skin colour.’

73-year-old Lycett is simply stunning in a brown ‘gele’ as she smiles for the camera for the photo shoot.

The actress is just one of the many big players in Nigeria’s entertainment industry who have signed up to the campaign created by upcoming actress Beverly Naya who started the project ” to inspire not only women but as many young black girls as possible because they deserve to have a chance of realising and cherishing their beauty before someone leads them to believe otherwise.” 

Celebrity Support: Beverly Naya with Other Nollywood Actors at the launch of the campaign in August Photo: 50shadesofblack/Instagram

Celebrity Support: Beverly Naya with Other Nollywood Actors at the launch of the campaign in August
Photo: 50shadesofblack/Instagram

Naya urges young black women to shun media portrayals of beauty by favouring lighter skinned women over darker ones. The aim of the project she says is “to offer people a deeper understanding of the true value and significance of diversity as well as what it should mean to us as a race.”

To enter the project, supporters are asked to write a short piece that extols the beauty of diversity and their skin colour.

We love Taiwo Ajayi-Lycett’s entry below. The legendary actress who’s graced shows including Michael Crawford’s ‘Some Mothers Do Have ‘Em‘ eschews the value of loving oneself and the beauty of being black in her usual chirpy but down to earth tone.

“It’s an old chestnut, I know. But, you better believe it – Black is Beautiful! And I have always endeavoured to live the truth and integrity of that statement.

Black is Beautiful – and my own Black femininity, my female African-ness has never ever been an issue up for debate, or one that I was willing to compromise because they have always been sacrosanct.

Contemporary Black women, especially the young, ought to not only realize, appreciate, cherish and be confident in the diverse complexions of their perfectly beautiful black skin, but also respect and learn to relax in that knowledge because it is, to me, wonderful, extraordinary!

The stuff of Academy awards!! My dear young ladies, stand tall. You are of a proud and enduring heritage. Marcus Garvey, (or was it Samuel Ajayi Crowther) said, “Only the best is good enough for Africa”. You are the Best! You’re Extraordinary!’

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