More Violence Flares Up In Ferguson As Protesters Continue To Clash With Police

The small town of Ferguson has been engulfed in further violence since the fatal shooting of an unarmed teen by a Police Officer.

Michael brown, 18 was shot by Darren Wilson. The teenager was said to be unarmed at the time of the shooting.

The killing has sparked widespread protests within the black community with looting and vandalism taking place despite calls from the victim’s family for peaceful protests, stressing that their son would not have wanted the violence.

The State governor Jay Nixon had declared a state of emergency in the state which led to a curfew being imposed between midnight and 5am, however, on Sunday evening, some protesters failed to adhere to the directive with many staying on to chant the slogan ‘hands on don’t shoot,’ that has now come to define the uprising.

Police fired tear gas at protesters and eventually managed to get the situation under control with reports that a shot was fired although, it apparently came from a protester.

Police in Missouri have been widely criticised for their ‘heavy handed’ approach to tackling the uprising. Riot police appeared in combat gear and were accused of antagonising protesters which has led to further protests and debates on how Police in the US treat young black men.

In an attempt to calm the anger of the mostly black community, Governor Nixon had last week appointed Captain Ronald Johnson, an African-American to head the patrol in the mostly white police force. Johnson appealed for calm and empathised with the family of the victim.

Speaking at one of the Church services to remember and pray for Mr Brown, Captain Johnson said, “My heart goes out to you and I say that I’m sorry”, he said. I wear this uniform and I should stand up here to say I’m sorry.”

He then urged the gathering to “pray” and thank Michael for his life adding that he was hopeful that the incident would bring change to racial relations in the city.

The fresh violence broke out not long after the attorney general Eric Holder ordered a federal examiner to perform a third autopsy on the teenager in an attempt to clam fears that nothing would be done in the killing of the teenager. Previous autopsies established that the teenager was shot 6 times with 2 fatal wounds to his head.


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