Missouri continues to raise a voice

Demonstrators offered vigils at the gas station in Berkeley, Missouri where 18-year-old Antonio Martin was shot, three times as he died at the scene. About 75 people gathered outside the local church on Christmas day to offer prayers as well as to peacefully protest against police action. The police appeared in riot gear.

Protestors took to the streets for a second night as they marched across the Interstate 170, blocking traffic. Frank McCall, Berkeley police chief confirmed the arrest of 6-8 people.

Following the release of video footage of the shooting, Mayor of Berkley; Theodore Hoskins and State Senator, Maria Chapelle-Nadal, both supported police action and agreed that this incident cannot be compared to that of previous shooting and the Garner case in New York, as Martin was actually armed, unlike the other cases.

This is the third shooting, since Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, victimising young black men at the hands of white officers: Kajieme Powell, aged 25 was shot in St. Louis on 19th August, who approached the officer with a knife. This was followed by Voderrit Myers, aged 18, shot on 8th October, who allegedly shot at an officer.

All these shootings, have fuelled protests.

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