Miley Cyrus’ fashion debut in NYFW: ‘Dirty Hippie’

We have never thought about it before but Miley Cyrus and Jeremy Scott make the perfect fashion duo. Think about it: Scott has been dressing young, fashion-brave celebrities for nearly two decades, Rihanna one of the big celebs who have rocked his pieces. Miley, on the other hand has been known for her outlandish fashion choices ever since her ‘We Can’t Stop’ music video and who can forget her latex leotard at last year’s VMA’s?

Their highly anticipated collaboration gained momentum via Miley’s instagram account, she teased her fans with images of models decked out in a series of accessories titled Dirty Hippy (beaded necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and headpieces) all of which got us very, very excited!

On the runway however, Dirty Hippy accessories looked too amateur, and reminded us of the handmade friendship necklaces and bracelets we made when we were seven; what we’re getting at is, with all the hype we expected so much more. But whilst we weren’t fans, there’s no denying that fans of Miley and Scott will adore the 90’s accessories.

We saw: sunglasses adorned with fake teeth, beaded necklaces, coloured string head pieces, necklaces covered in pom poms and plastic balls, hats made from ice cream cones, as well as elaborate headgear made from fuzzy and plastic baubles.

The clothes reflected the vibes of Dirty Hippy – bright, unusual and wacky, and generally nothing we would personally wear. But there’s no denying that Miley Cyrus and Jeremy Scott put on a hell of a show…despite the fact that the accessories look like they’re made of kids’ toys and plastic beads.


Bright colours and a strong 90s theme prevailed

Bright colours and a strong 90s theme prevailed

A match made in fashion heaven

A match made in fashion heaven

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