Meet the Chicago teen who invented the term ‘on fleek’

Admit it. Even you have used it at some point or the other. It’s every black girl’s go to term when she knows she’s looking ‘fly’. The moment you look in the mirror, feeling yourself with your hair ‘on fleek’, eyebrows ‘on fleek’. These days pretty much anything can be ‘on fleek’, even brands.

As Nigerians, we’re used to slangs springing up out of nowhere and going viral, but even us cannot take credit for this one. The dawn of the internet has given rise and access to pop culture like never before, meaning millions of people can share news and information at the touch of a button.

Thanks to Newsweek, we now know who first used the genius term ‘on fleek’. Kayla Newman a Chicago teen says she’s the one who came up with the term.

In a Vine video posted last year, which has now gone viral, the almost 17 year old can be heard saying “We in this bitch, finna get crunk. Eyebrows on fleek, da fuq,” as she strokes her eyebrows while waiting for her mum at a car park.

Newman who goes by the name ‘Peaches Monroe’ on Vine had just had her brows done and was admiring the work of art in the car mirror, while her mum went shopping. “It just came to me out of the blue,” she said. “I never heard of the word, and nobody else had heard of the word. I just said it, and I guess that’s what came out. That’s about it.”

The video has been ‘looped’ over 28 million times and has been shared over 11, 000 times on Twitter.

Since she said those magical words, everyone from Nicki Minaj to Christina Milan to your 60 year old aunt has used it, and it doesn’t look like the word is loosing popularity as brands too want to tap into the ‘cool’ lingo of the internet age.

Will there be more viral slangs coming our way courtesy of Ms Newman? “I’m trying to think of some, but it’s like, with me, it’s just gonna flow.”

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