Meet The Brain Behind Adwera Skin Care Brand- Loretta Quartey-Davidson

We recently caught up with the founder of Adwera Skin Care range Loretta Quartey-Davidson, on launching Adwera skincare .

Initially created  for just family and friends, Loretta is currently in the process of expanding the booming skincare brand as she feels that the benefits of the all- natural ingredients has to be shared with the world.

Inspired by a childhood of low confidence due to eczema, Loretta turned her frustrations into an idea – a line of natural home-made body butters with ingredients you can trust. With a choice of a variety of scents and ingredients, ranging from the Ghanaian shea butter, the pomegranate seed oil to fight off ageing, to almond oil for problematic skin  – Adwera combines all the best elements for a healthy skin and glow.



Hi Loretta! Why are natural ingredients important to you for Adwera?

Natural ingredients are very powerful! I have heard about people being able to cure themselves from cancer just by eating all natural foods. I also watched a documentary called ‘How To Not Get Old’ and it was about the different ways of sustaining youth. One woman went about sustaining youth through painful surgeries etc. and the other went about the natural way through foods and etc. I then came to realise that although natural ingredients did not have an immediate change on the skin as opposed to cosmetic surgeries, the effects natural ingredients had on the skin were long-lasting as cosmetic surgeries were very expensive and required constant repeating of surgeries.


Adwera aims to show that natural ingredients are more beneficial to the skin and a safer way of curing skin problems as compared to steroid creams. The fact that body butter can be used every day provide constant maintenance if you like on the skin which is not only safer but better than for example steroid creams as it cannot be used every day because it becomes damaging to the skin. Never trust anything that is for skin but is harmful to use every day!

Also the great thing about natural ingredients is that it works for each individual. The almond oil for example maintains moisture levels, making it beneficial for people of all skin types to use without being too greasy or not moisturising enough.


Has creating a natural skin care line always been a dream of yours while growing up?

Never, during that time I wanted to be an artist and then wanted to be a psychologist..and then a graphics designer and then be in the marketing and media industry (laugh). Even though I had all these ambitions I was always passionate about looking good and creativity, so having a skincare line is a win win situation as I am able to help people look good and still be creative with the things I want for Adwera.


Adwera has the qualities that remind us of The Body Shop, are you inspired by any products/companies?

I very much admire these big brands and look to them for inspiration to see what products customers like and create my own in the most natural and cheapest way.



Have you had any set backs thus far?

I think the setbacks are getting customers to be open the first time to trying the products and actually use it every day. It’s quite difficult you know, because it’s not like a clothing or jewellery line where people can just buy it and wear it. This is the skin we are talking about which is more of a gamble as customers don’t want any irritations so are more reluctant to trying it out. So I rely on testimonials and personal experiences to show customers that it is okay to trust Adwera with their skin, we are all natural.



Face behind the brand- Loretta Quartey-Davidson Founder Adwera Skincare

Your biggest achievement so far?

I would say my biggest achievement is fulfilling the aim I have created for Adwera. It makes me so happy to know that customers in general and also customers that were reluctant at first realise that the body butter actually works! It’s not about me taking credit for it, but it’s about the fact that I am able to show and preach about the benefits of natural skincare which will persuade people that there is no need for them to harm their skin using harsh chemicals.


I’m new to Adwera skincare, what product would you recommend to any first time users?

I would definitely recommend that everyone should try the Adwera body butter. It is the only product at the moment as Adwera is a newly launched line. I also get so much great feedback from customers; men, women and even their kids! that I would like everyone to experience the body butter and not be overwhelmed by so many other products in the line, claiming loads of benefits from a brand they don’t even know. I am trying to gain the trust from users in Adwera and its aims before anything else. However, as time goes on there will definitely be a variation of products available for users to try.


Which miracle products are in your own make-up bag?

This might sound disappointing to some people as this is the part where you can get some great tips on cosmetic products but most of my products in terms of maintaining skincare are natural! Drinking loads of water, natural juices and eating right helps. I also exfoliate my skin once a week which gets rid of the dead skin, making way for new vibrant skin, which allow me to use less make-up because my skin is already great underneath. My miracle product is the YSL foundation as I love the coverage, not too thick and also use the Adwera Body Butter of course as I find that it treats my eczema effectively and hydrates my skin.


You’ve woken up late – which one product will you not leave the house without?

I would never leave my house without my sleek contour kit as I tend to look more awake with it on because it gives me a summertime glow even when the weather is not too great which is often!


Where do you see Adwera going in the future?

I see Adwera hopefully being a beauty product that customers need in the future as opposed to the popular creams containing chemicals and ingredients that we have no clue about! Adwera is about being natural which looks out for customers more in my opinion.


 Where can we buy your products?

Thanks so much! The Adwera body butters are available on Instagram: @adwera_skincare I will be giving away a few free samples to people and educating them on Adwera and the ingredients used, as well as some tips on great skin. There will also be a website launching very soon which I will announce on there so do get in touch with me! I’m very interactive on it and love to speak to customers.



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  1. Simone Dan-Morton
    Jul 28, 2014 - 06:14 PM

    It fascinates me to see young ladies with brilliant ideas. I believe natural products are the best way to keep your skin beautiful and fresh. I believe Adrewa is going to be one of the best body products. I have already ordered mine and I hope loads of people will try this wonderful and nourishing body butter.


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