Mario Balotelli to be investigated by FA over racist slur

Liverpool Striker is in trouble again…this time for comments made on social media


He’s not new to controversy, but this time Mario Balotelli may be in serious trouble if the FA take action regarding a post he put on social media on Monday night.

The Liverpool striker posted a picture on his Instagram page with a caption referring to himself as Super Mario- a cartoon character with multiple ethnic origins. Ironically, the caption was tagged ‘Don’t be Racist’. It appears Mario was probably (perhaps not very clearly) trying to say something about encouraging diversity, but his sense of humour didn’t quite carry through to followers who were outraged by his anti Semitic ending to the post.

The Italian striker has since deleted the post. but not before it was taken up by Football anti racism organisation ‘Kick It Out’. Chairman Lord Ouseley told the Telegraph that the FA would be sending out the wrong message if disciplanry action isn’t taken against him.

“They’ve got guidance, they’ve got rules, they get advice, and if they want to do stupid things, they’ve got to pay the consequences,” he said.

“Whilst you can have humour in tackling these things, you’ve got no control over how that humour is being interpreted and what damage it might be doing.

“It’s just recklessness and recklessness is not an excuse any more.”

Mario has since deleted the post after outrage on Twitter and he also apologised for posting the offensive picture- in typical Mario fashion and with colourful language.

The FA have apparently contacted Mario over the incident and have given him till the 5th of December to respond.

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