Made Of Carpet Bags- Yes Literally!

When you think about Persian rugs- the likes of which we grew up with in the 80’s, you’ll remember their plush, soft feel. Now, an accessories designer has put a twist to the traditional carpet- by turning them into bags.

Made of Carpet, is a unique British brand that specialises in making top quality carpet bags for men and women. You may be wondering what a carpet bag is? It’s bags made from the finest tapestry, kilim, fabric, velvet and velour material rugs. The rugs are made from an exclusive synthetic yarn which comes from a reliable rugs manufacturer, the bags are then created in the European Union.

The designs on the bag are inspired by a romantic Victorian Era theme, therefore the bag includes shades of deep red and and lavishing gold. They’re are also rain proof, so don’t worry about them getting soaked in the rain!

The bags are ideal for those who are into vintage couture fashion, and those who are daring and exciting with their fashion sense.

Made of Carpet Bags made a huge début at London Fashion Week this year with models wearing plain drape dresses which highlighted the exciting colours of the bags.

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