Lumie Clear Acne Treatment Light: farewell bad skin and topical treatments

Firstly, to describe the skin Lumie Clear was used on: the forehead was fairly clear and the problematic areas were generally the cheeks and along the jaw.

I started using Lumie Clear and saw a difference within a few days. I didn’t rush to jump to conclusions and wanted to use the product for a good few weeks before arriving at a final decision – and it works!

Generally, sunbathing helps out with the acne and a sunkissed look sorts the appearance of spots, but let’s be realistic, we aren’t getting that strong a sun anytime soon here in Britain. So, this really did seem like the next best thing.

In the past I have also used topical treatments from all sorts of drug stores and brands, to no joy. Have Lumie Clear work with the efficiency it did, came as a blessing!

Using it daily, for 15 minutes in the affected area (as advised), progress was slow, but sure. First, the redness of spots subsided, and the very sore spots disappeared over the first few weeks, and gradually Lumie Clear addressed the rest of the skin issues, like leftover scars from older spots. Whilst, the process is time-consuming, it can be done while watching TV or other everyday activities, so all in all, it is not at all a mission, which you have to reschedule your day around!

Our skin tends to be the first point of contact and generally defines our self-confidence and self-esteem – I must say this product helped me boost both as it made a significant impact on my skin, for the better. I don’t have to worry about make up (saving me 30 minutes of extra sleep in the morning) and my confidence with my skin has been better than ever. I would definitely recommend this product and make sure it is used as advised, without fail.



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