I Would Like A Grammy First, Before I Settle Down- D’Banj

D’banj is everywhere in London this month promoting his new single ‘Bother You‘ which is part of the sound track for the movie we all can’t wait to see: ‘Half Of A Yellow Sun’. It would seem everyone but us have had a chat with him, but not to worry, we’ll bring you exclusives on Bangalee soon, so stick with us.

If you missed his interview with Adesope Olajide of Factory78, where he talked about his relationship with Genevieve Nnaji, you can catch up here.

Meanwhile Davina Hamilton of Young Voices caught up with one of Africa’s finest artists of the decade. In this interview, D’Banj talks about finding international fame and how making Oliver Twist made him a household name globally.

“I’ve always wanted to attain the type of success where I would be seen as a superstar and not a Nigerian superstar,” he said.

“When you see Shakira or Jennifer Lopez, you think of them as superstars; where they’re from is irrelevant. Similarly with Wyclef; for a long time I thought he was American, I didn’t realise he was from Haiti. And where he was from wasn’t even relevant; he was just Wyclef, an international artist.”

D’banj also talks about his controversial signing with Kanye West’s label GOOD Music after his split from his long term producer Don Jazzy.

“Some people in Nigeria have said that I sold out and some said that I was a king who threw away his crown to go and become a slave to Kanye West. The first thing I said to that was: ‘Can a king throw away his crown?’

“Even if a king removes his crown, or he goes to visit fellow royals overseas, he’s still a king”, he continues.

The singer talks extensively about Western Misconceptions about Afrobeats, referring to the international press addressing him as the best Artist to have come out of Africa which is obviously not entirely true as Africa has produced and is still turning out many exceptionally talented artists waiting to be discovered.

We find out a little about his family as he tells us they’re his biggest supporters. He jokes about a recent conversation with his dad where the topic of marriage was broached, revealing that his dad is still not convinced about his choice of career.

“He (His Father) says: ‘When I was your age, I was married and I already had you! When are you going to settle down?’”

To which the singer replies, “I think I want to get a Grammy first! But if an angel should come my way, I might just be distracted!”

Read the full interview here.

D’banj’s single ‘Bother You’ is on April 7 on Mi7/DKM Records.

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