Lewis Hamilton Wins Malaysian Grand Prix In Spectacular Style

After a disappointing campaign last year, Lewis Hamilton (and us his fans) must be feeling like finally, the sun has begun to shine on him.

The former Formula 1 Champion known for his risk taking and speed, was plagued by mechanical and technical failures as well as instances that were just downright unlucky during last year’s season.

This year however, is shaping up to be a good one for the race driver who led from start to finish at yesterday’s Malaysian Grand Prix.

Photo: guardian.co.uk/Ed Jones/AFP/Getty Images

Photo: guardian.co.uk/Ed Jones/AFP/Getty Images

In what could only be referred to as ‘dusting’ in Nigerian lingo, Hamilton crossed the chequered flag a gaping 17.3 seconds before his team-mate Nico Rossberg who came in second while reigning champion Sebastian Vettel came in 25 seconds behind the winner.

The 29-year-old who is not normally boastful had to admit that he showed everyone who’s boss on the track.

“I learned a few things in practice but it is a different thing learning it from applying it, but today I applied it and that’s why I blew him away. It’s massive. I can’t remember the last time in my career I had a gap like that, particularly with a team-mate driving the same car. That’s definitely a good feeling,” he said.

The team mates who have known each other since they were boys are said to enjoy a close friendship, but being very competitive and with one of them having won the title, it will be interesting to see how the dynamics play out.

In what can be described as a note to the current champion, Hamilton says, “I’m giving it everything. There’s nothing else that’s on my mind, there’s nothing else that I’m thinking about. I’m only thinking about the championship. I’m thinking about winning. I’m living and breathing it, as I do every year. For some reason this year there’s more capacity.

“I’m more mature. I’m getting older, so all the experiences are adding up. I’m starting to see the benefits of the mistakes, and the things I’ve said, or the things I’ve done, and I even noticed it today.”

Hamilton dedicated his win to the passengers of the missing Malaysian Airlines.

There were a few other highlights during the race, but ours was the moment actor Benedict Cumberbatch stepped on to the podium to speak with the winners (of course).


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