Last eddies of Hurricane Gonzalo cause travel disruption around UK

Even the mere remnants of Hurricane Gonzalo has been enough to cause travel disruption all around the UK with heavy rain and wind gusts of up to 70mph, with fallen trees and high winds disrupting travelling by road.

The weather problem have been so severe that more than 100 flights to and from Heathrow airport have had to be cancelled, the majority of cancellations being by British Airways-all of them being flights to British and European destinations, including Belfast, Barcelona, Newcastle and Edinburgh. However no other airport has had to cancel any of their flights.

Gatwick and Stansted have said that they did not anticipate any disruptions, and Manchester and Edinburgh have said that only flights to Heathrow have been cancelled.

Lufthansa has also cancelled flights, not because of the bad weather but instead of a strike by the pilots of the German airline that has been going on for two days.

The strongest winds today would be blowing through western Scotland, the north and east of Northern Ireland, north-west England and north Wales. According to BBC Weather, it is possible that that the strong winds could do “slight structural damage” to buildings, along with uprooting trees and blowing off branches.

There are no reports of any major reports of train delays, but South West Trains tweeted that trains were having trouble accelerating as the wheels would slip when applying power. In other words, “experiencing poor rail adhesion.”

Hurricane Gonzalo in its full power caused major damage to the island of Bermuda last Friday, causing flooding, felled trees, damaged buildings but mostly power cuts to over 30,000 homes. Only minor injuries were reported, but it was the strongest storm to hit the island in a decade.

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