Kanye West sings to Baby North in new video! And it will tug at your heartstrings…

We’re more used to Kanye busting hardcore lyrics and rapping in his tracks, but yet again Yeezus has surprised us by singing not just some parts of his new song, but through the whole thing in his new single ‘Only One‘.

The father of one premièred the video for the new track featuring Sir Paul McCartney during an interview on Ellen Degeneres show. In the video, Kanye sings (with autotunes we might add), to North (who is fondly referred to as Nori), telling her how much she means to him and Kim and how she’s changed his life.

As Kanye videos go, this is a very simple video, set against a vast area of land with nothing else in sight but Kanye and North in the clips where she appears. It’s almost as though the 37-year-old wants us to see and experience his transition from hot-headed and impulsive rapper to a calmer artist enjoying fatherhood. A transformation, host Ellen didn’t fail to pick up on during the interview when she noted he was less ‘angry’ and much ‘calmer’ since he married Kim Kardashian.

Asked how marriage has changed him, Kanye replied, “I’ve learnt how to compromise more, which is something you have to understand when you partner with people in business.”

“I think I’m a better human being because of her (Kim) and because of my daughter.”

Kanye also revealed that the couple are trying for more babies, but is less certain about how many kids he would actually like to have, opting instead to dodge the bullet by saying, ‘I want whatever Kim wants.’

Recorded in a Los Angeles bungalow in early 2014, Only One‘ finds McCartney playing a gorgeous keyboard melody as West—channelling the spirit of his late mother, Dr. Donda West—delivers a powerful message of hope and joy to his daughter.

Handwritten scripts of the song. Photo: kanyewest.com

Handwritten scripts of the song. Photo: kanyewest.com

Handwritten scripts of the song. Photo: kanyewest.com

Handwritten scripts of the song. Photo: kanyewest.com

It’s not the rapper’s best work vocally, but it’ll go down as one of our favourite Kanye songs because there are few things cuter than seeing a father bonding with his daughter and for that, he gets a pass from us.


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