Jonathan Ross Gets an Unexpected Soak, Thanks To Sir Richard Branson

It’s not a caption you would expect to read but guests were just as shocked as we were when Virgin boss, Richard Branson played a prank on Jonathan Ross and emptied a full glass of water on the unsuspecting chat show host while shooting the Jonathan Ross Show.

The look of sheer horror on Jennifer Hudson’s face is just priceless! 😀


Even Davina didn't see it coming

Even Davina didn’t see it coming

That should teach him.

Amidst all the pranks, the guests still got down to business. Richard Branson discussed his plans for space travel with Virgin Galactic in great detail. Some of it freaked us out a bit, especially, the bit where he said we’d all start moving to Mars etc…..we’ll see about that Richard, we’ll see.

If everything goes according to plan, we could all start taking flights into space soon, and Australia will only be a couple of hours away.

We also got confirmation on the first set of celebrities who will be on the Virgin Galactic flight. Justin Bieber, Leonardo Dicaprio and Ashton Kutcher have apparently added their names to the manifest.

The British mogul was accompanied by his ever adorable mum who was beaming with pride in the green room with the other guests.

Davina McCall was also present to plug her sport relief campaign where she’s managed to raise a staggering £1million pound cycling and swimming from Edinburgh to London. Queue tales of sore back sides and emotional struggle.

Dreamgirls star, Jennifer Hudson was also in the house, looking as fly as ever of course. She’s got a new single out and we’ll be buying it. It doesn’t matter what’s on it, we love her!


She’s so adorable. She actually showed us how long her tongue is. Apparently, she was asked by a fan to prove who she was by sticking out her tongue which is weird but her tongue is really super long.

And how about that pixie cut hmm? Gorgeous.



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