Joan Rivers Storms Out Of CNN Interview [Watch]

A CNN news anchor was left stunned when comedian Joan Rivers walked out midway into an interview in protest over her ‘negative’ line of questioning.

Fredricka Whitfield had been chatting to the Fashion Police presenter about her work as a comedian and her new book ‘Diary of A Mad Diva,’ when Rivers told her she was ending the interview because it had ‘become a defensive interview on her part’.

Whitfield, who later said she had thought the whole thing was a stunt initially had asked Rivers how she felt about some of the ‘mean’ comments that she made about people while hosting Fashion Police. The Presenter then went on to ask about ‘boundaries’ or the lack thereof in Joan’s approach to work, citing recent jokes about the death of a teenager in her book and a reference to princess Diana’s love life- all of which River’s defended herself saying comedy was a medium of escapism from life’s worries.

Ironically, the interview had begun on a very good note with both parties even joking about what makes a good interviewer and what doesn’t; a topic River’s wrote about in her book.

The last straw, however, came when Whitfield touched on the fact that the 81 year old wore fur to her book launch even though she knew animal rights campaigners would be there.

‘Are you wearing leather shoes?’ River’s retorted…adding that the presenter was ‘not the one to interview a person who does humour, sorry,’ she said, before storming off the set.

In a full broadcast of the interview on national telly, Whitfield admitted that the comedian had kept her mic on as she stalked off the set letting rip a few unpleasant four letter words.

See the clip here

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