Joan Rivers Says Palestinians Deserve To Die In Israel/Gaza Rant

by Dayo Laniyan


81-year-old comedian Joan Rivers has stated that she has no sympathy for the Palestinians, saying that they deserve to be dead.

In an interview with a photographer outside a Los Angeles airport on Wednesday, she said when asked about the almost 2,000 Palestinians killed in the conflict, “When you declare war, you declare war. You started it. We now don’t count who is dead. You’re dead, and you deserve to be dead. You started it.”

She went on to justify Israel’s actions by comparing it to throwing paint bottles at Madonna’s house: “All they want is peace, and people to stop throwing rockets at them. I think to make the point clear, if I ‘am going to stand outside Madonna’s house and throw paint balls, and let’s see if she comes out and has me arrested. You have got to stop it.”

She also criticised Hamas and those who voted for them, “You can’t get rid of Hamas, you have to say you do not recognize them. They are terrorists.”

“They were re-elected by a lot of stupid people who don’t even own a pencil.”

After the video started to gain more views online, Rivers published a statement on her Facebook page, saying that what she had said was taken out of context and blamed the media for creating a scandal, but stood by what she had said.

“I’am both saddened and disappointed that my statement about the tragedy of civilian casualties was totally taken out of context. What I said and stand behind is, war is hell and unfortunately civilians are victims of political conflicts.”

“It is stupid and wrong and I’am tired of bearing the brunt of attacks by people who want to sell newspapers or gain rating by creating a scandal about me that is non-existent…Along with every other sane person in this world, I’am praying for peace.”

Just this morning, the 72-hour ceasefire came to an end, and Israeli military have resumed strikes ‘across Gaza’ in response to 17 rockets fired at Israeli territory by Gaza militants. Gaza police have also reported that Israel have sent their tanks back into northern Gaza and launched an airstrike which hit a farm south of Gaza City.

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