Jamie Oliver does Jollof Rice- and it doesn’t go down well with Africans

Who makes Jollof rice with coriander, parsley and vine tomatoes?


In case you missed it, Jamie Oliver posted his spin on the traditional Nigerian Jollof rice on his website and – let’s just say it didn’t go down very well.

The celebrity chef who went from one of the most liked chefs within the African sub continent to the not so cool chef who tried to ‘change’ a traditional recipe.

The comments on his website have been nothing short of scathing and the social media reaction have been even worse with #Jollofgate raking in over 4000 tweets at the height of the ‘scandal’.

The post on Jamie’s website isn’t new as it was published back in June under the chef’s world recipeies where he also takes on other recipes from around the world.

Criticisms of Jamie’s Jollof rice ranged from the lack of ‘maggi’ seasoning to the lack of ‘tinned tomatoes’. His attempt to probably ‘westernise’ the dish with the addition of ‘oyinbo’ ingredients like coriander, parsley and on the vine tomatoes enraged Africans even more.

Looking at the dish, it actually looks great with vibrant colours and lots of vegetables, but just a tiny little problem- it looks nothing like Jollof rice.


Jamie Oliver's take on the traditional Jollof rice- Photo: Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver’s take on the traditional Jollof rice- Photo: Jamie Oliver

A spokesperson for Jamie said the recipe was clearly the chef’s own take on the west African dish and that he never meant to offend anyone.

Some others have argued that the fact that a British celebrity chef  took on a West African dish could only be positive for the continent as it showcases the continent on the international stage, but others insist the recipe risks loosing its authenticity as the west may take the chef’s interpretation of the meal as authentic.

Whatever side of the fence you’re on, its safe to assume no one else will be attempting to redefine African recipes for a long while after this.

Here are some of our top #Jollofgate comments from twitter.




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