Jailed Al Jazeera Journalists Sentenced For 7 Years in Egypt

Three Al Jazeera journalists in Egpyt have been sentenced for ‘spreading false news’ and being associated with the Muslim Brotherhood; an organisation labelled a terrorist group by the Egyptian government.

The three men Peter Greste, Mohamed Fahmy were each handed 7 year sentences while Baher Mohammed was sentenced for 10 years; 7 for one and 3 for another.

The controversial sentencing of the Journalists who had been imprisoned since December has been heavily criticised by international media, governments and human rights groups who have accused the country of infringing on the right of the press to operate freely in the Egypt.

According to the news channel, Britain and Netherlands have already summoned their Egyptian envoys to explain how the country’s judiciary arrived at the judgement.

The acting director general of Al Jazeera Mostefa Souag called the ruling ‘shocking’ and said his staff were professionals who were just doing their jobs. 

It is widely thought that the ruling has a geopolitical angle as Egypt and Qatar which funds Al Jazeera have a long running dispute as the middle eastern country is thought to support the Muslim brotherhood which has been outlawed in Egypt.

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