J Lo’s New ‘Booty’ Video- Cheap Shot At Publicity?

by Azeezat Fadekemi Sulaiman


What has the music industry in Hollywood turned to? A flurry of butts and cracks?


As if Nicki Minaj’s highly distasteful and irrelevant ‘Anaconda’ video wasn’t bad enough, now J Lo has released her own booty grinding, semi nude video with none other than Minaj’s sworn enemy Iggy Azalea.

The song aptly titled ‘Booty’ sees a scantily clad J Lo writhing around in the rain and just about everywhere else and, shaking what her mama gave her in every position imaginable. She’s joined by Azalea who doesn’t say a peep for most of the video until almost at the end where she is finally forced to look ‘fiercely’ at the camera and it is obvious she’s not as comfortable as Lopez at pulling off the ‘I’m sexy and I know it’ look.

While the video is not as cringe worthy as Minaj’s, the lyrics will make the likes of Chimamanda Adichie switch off in disgust as J Lo asks ‘ladies in the club to give his what he wants’ in reference to a lap dance or something.

Some of the criticism of the video have hinged on Lopez age of 45 with the usually relaxed western media accusing her of being too old to be doing a Miley and ‘twerking’, but that’s neither here nor there as she still looks stunning for her age.

It seems more likely that the ‘Love don’t cost a thing‘ singer is just grasping at straws to get more publicity for her album and she’s hoping that her famous ‘booty’ will come to the rescue, but there’s such a thing as crossing the line and in this case, it was all much too much.

But then what do I know, the video already has over 19 million views and counting on You Tube, so it must be working.


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