It’s Linda Ikeji’s Turn! Popular Blogger Shows Off New N24 Million Jeep She Bought For Her Birthday

Someone call and Cody Wise, it’s certainly someone’s birthday and she’s spending her money!

Linda Ikeji has just splashed out a jaw dropping N24 million on a brand new (or tear rubber as they say in Naija), 2014 Range Rover Sports jeep ahead of her birthday on Friday.

The famous model turned blogger who ironically posts about other celebrities and their prized possessions said she had been longing for the luxury car for a while but was unable to buy it because her ‘father wouldn’t give her permission’.

After getting Mr Ikeji’s blessings, the blogger along with her father waltzed into a car dealership and brought the white jeep home.

In anticipation of the likely criticism from her readers on how much the car costs, Ikeji defends her purchase, telling readers she worked hard for her money adding that success did not come cheap after blogging for 8 years.

“I bought it for N24 million. Yeah, I know! It’s a lot of money to spend on a car, but I’ve been wanting this car since it came out…so…lol. But I swear I’ve been feeling so guilty since I bought it. I keep telling myself ‘do you know how many lives you would have changed with N24 million?” A lot, I know…but my life is more important na abi? Lol.”



Here's my new ride! Linda Ikeji poses in front of her latest addition to her fleet of cars. Photo:

Here’s my new ride! Linda Ikeji poses in front of her latest addition to her fleet of cars. Photo:

If you fancy getting your hands on wheels of this sort, Linda had some wise words of advise  admonishing followers to use their brain and talent and not their bodies to make a living.

“There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a man buying you things, but always remember that if you believe in yourselves and your dreams, you work hard and stay focused, there’s absolutely nothing you can’t buy for yourself. I’m not only buying myself cars that I want, I’m in the process of buying my own house, with my own money.”

Linda checks on her ride...aren't you all jealous?! Photos:

Linda checks on her ride…aren’t you all jealous?! Photos:



“I made it on my own, in my own way and on my own terms. If anybody ever tells you that the only way you can make it in life is by laying on your back, the person lied to you.”

She also stated that she would be launching a new mentoring campaign called #I’d Rather Be Self Made campaign, where she hopes to help budding female entrepreneurs start and succeed in their business.


The blogger poses with her fleet of her cars……eat your eyes out… Photos:

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