Isossy Children launches new Angel collection for girls

As the brand enters into its 10th season, Isossy Children continues to offer children’s style and fashion reflecting truly global influences. The Angel Collection for girls offers colours that are warm, vibrant and fearless. The textures reflect the fluidity of life and a bold passion which is combined with girly softness. To juxtapose this, bold metallic gold and silver are used together with lots of sparkly fun. We want the kids who wear our clothes to enjoy wearing them, we want them to recognise that it is possible for them to do anything and be anything that they want to be. We want them to shout “I am possible”.

The Angel Collection is a soft angel fairy-like aesthetic. Isossy Children had a lot of fun with this collection. We have blended PVC with satin and exciting Thai cottons in corals and oranges put together with chiffon and shimmering pyettes with bold edgy prints. We absolutely love it!

The brand’s vision is to create fashion for children that will inspire their confidence, creativity and self- belief as they grow up and lie in culturally diverse global times.

Angel  Fairy Top and Skirt Set Angel Rock Dress 2 Angel Thai Dress Tween 3 290low

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