Isn’t this Crazy? Nigerian Church members struggle to keep Pastor up in the air as he preaches about flying

Photo: Garki Gazette


Nigerian Churches have often come under fire for treating their Pastors (that’s men of God to you), like demigods who are revered and well respected. As a result, some followers  will do anything asked of them by their Pastor, no matter how odd or weird it sounds.

Take a look at this video to understand what lengths people are willing to go in order to assist their Pastor during his sermon. The video shows about 6 men holding up said Man of God up in the air as he sits in his chair preaching about saving his flock from people who may want to do them harm. As he gets more and more fired up during his teaching, his continuous movement and demonstrations means the poor fellows who have volunteered to take on this task have to struggle to hang on the chair to prevent him tumbling down (heaven forbid of course).

The man in question appears to be Pastor Joshua Talena of the Shepherds House assembly international Church in Nigeria’s capital city, Abuja.


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