Is your dad worth more than a fiver this Father’s Day?

Tut, tut. Us Brits have been very naughty towards our fathers.

A new research by parcel delivery service Parcel2Go has revealed the spending habits of people when it comes to Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. According to the study of over a 1,500 people, kids tend to spend more on gifts for Mothering Sunday than on Father’s Day.

While this is no surprise, the study also reveals what is perhaps more worrying; that we’re only willing to part with a fiver to buy gifts for our dads on Father’s Day. Everyone knows men are usually impossible beings to buy gifts for. Once you’ve ticked the socks, tie, clothing, wallet or game console out of the equation, there really isn’t an awful lot to choose from after that.

42.7% of people will spend no more than £5 on their Father’s Day gift says the findings. It’s become a long-standing joke that sons and daughters tend to leave things until the very last minute when sourcing a present to mark Father’s Day, and this new research suggests that we’re unwilling to treat our dads to anything more than a cheap supermarket card and a single pint of beer if they’re lucky! 30.9% of respondents spend between £6 and £20 on Mother’s Day, compared to just 24.9% on Father’s Day. Meanwhile, 24.2% said they splashed out a little more on Mother’s Day, spending between £21 and £50, whereas only 21% would spend this amount on their dads.

Fathers Day modern letter

What have our dads done to deserve this injustice we wonder? Even though we tend to spend more on our mums, we’re still not willing to fork out a huge amount for them either it appears. Only a small percentage of those polled said they are willing to spend big on Mothering Sunday or Father’s Day. Just over 5%  said they would spend more than £100 on their mum and dad on these annual milestone days. Whether we’re still counting the cost of the global financial crisis or we just don’t really take these days seriously, it’s clear that most of us operate on a tight budget.

Interestingly, the statistics highlighted a difference in mindset between males and females. Just 29% of sons will spend more than £20 on their dad for Father’s Day, whereas this figure rises to over 35% among daughters.

Robert Mead, Marketing Manager at, believes that people generally leave things too late, and end up panic-buying a card and cheap gift.

“Father’s Day tends to creep up on us, and it’s not uncommon to see people scouring the supermarket shelves on Father’s Day itself in the hope of finding some kind of gift,” he commented.

“It’s obvious that we spend more money and put more effort into Mother’s Day presents, which is fair enough, but the lack of consideration for our dads is a real shame. Rather than making a last-ditch token gesture, it would be nice to see people putting a bit more thought into their Father’s Day gifts. You don’t have to spend a fortune to show you care.”

If you haven’t yet got your dad something nice for tomorrow, this might be a good time to start. Just try to spend more than a fiver OK?


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