Is Nicki Minaj Right to Criticise Iggy Azalea For Not Writing Her Own Lyrics?

Just in case you have somehow missed the whole furore surrounding feisty rapper Nicki Minaj and Hiphop newbie Iggy Azalea, let’s update you.

The Beef

It’s widely rumoured that Australian sensation Iggy Azalea usually has some help with her rhymes. The fancy singer is the breakthrough act this year with hits such as ‘Fancy’ which has proved a big tune around the world, holding onto the number one spot for several weeks.

Due to the success of the album, Iggy got a BET awards nomination for best hiphop act (female) alongside Minaj with many comparing the two.


The Shade

Minaj had been said to be pissed off by insinuations that Iggy was just as good- if not better than her. Forbes Magazine even went as far as naming Azalea the queen of rap.

Many wondered if the NYC rapper felt threatened by the Australian’s supersonic success. However, Minaj proved who was really boss by walking home with the award which she’s now won 6 years in a row.

During her acceptance speech, Minaj said how grateful she was to have won again, adding that she was glad to be an inspiration for other aspiring female artists and then came the shade (also known as dig to us Brits).

In what many see as a direct dig at Azalea, Minaj told the audience, “When you hear Nicki Minaj spit, Nicki Minaj wrote it,” before rolling her eyes sarcastically and then saying ironically…”no shade, no shade.”

Nicki Minaj takes a dig at Artists who don’t write their own songs During the BET awards. Photo:

















After the awards, the internet exploded with messages over the issue- bullies rounded up on Azalea on the internet with negative comments about her use of ghost writers. Minaj responded by defending her comments on her Twitter account saying the 24-year-old should be ‘proud’ of her achievements.

“I’ve congratulated Iggy on the success of ‘Fancy,’ publicly. She should be very proud of that. All the women nominated should be proud. … That will never change my desire to motivate women to write. Our voices have to be heard. I hope I inspire up & coming females to do that.”

Azalea was initially silent about the whole fiasco but was forced to also come out with a comeback a day after on her Instagram page. She said, “I have to say the general explosion of pettiness online in the last few days is hard to ignore and honestly … lame. If I had won the BET award that would’ve been great but it wasn’t my year and I don’t mind — so you shouldn’t either.”

Iggy Azalea Photo:

Iggy Azalea

And then she continued, “Generally speaking, I’m unbothered by anything that ‘happened’ at the BET awards, and just feel worn out by everyone trying to make me have wars with people all the time. Anyone who wishes me well is welcome in my life and those who don’t can’t get any more of my time. I hate to see everyone exhausting themselves on my behalf over things that I’m still not sure even exist and don’t matter. Just let it go.”

Now, Azalea’s basketball star boyfriend Nick Young has come out to speak about the incidence telling Hollywood life that she just ‘brushed it all off’.

“When she got home and was going through her phone and hearing all these things, and that people were talking trash about her, you know, I had to be there for her. But you know what, Iggy is doing big things and it’s scaring a lot of people.”

“She kind of brushed it off! She’s #1 right now so what can you do when you are at the top right now! Of course they will all come at you,”

Should Nicki just leave Iggy alone? Does it make you less talented if you don’t write your own material?

What do you guys think?

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