Be Inspired- Meet Chief Superintendent Victor Olisa Of The Metropolitan Police

By Ayo Akinfe

Meet Chief Superintendent Victor OLISA, the Haringey Borough commander of London’s Metropolitan Police. He is a Warri-born man, who has risen through the ranks having started his policing career with Surrey Constabulary in 1982.

When I (Ayo Akinfe) spoke to him a few years ago, he joked about how he was continuing the family tradition as his grandfather was a policeman in the British Colonial Service in Warri. 

Chief Superintendent Olisa is a biochemistry graduate, where his knowledge has clearly been handy in forensics. In 2005 he was awarded a PhD in Criminology by the London School of Economics.

Nigerians in the UK get bad press a lot of the times because of a few bad eggs, but how much press do people like this get? Everything I have read about Chief Superintendent Olisa indicates that he is a modern policeman who has worked on curbing some of the excesses of what used to be a very racist police force.



For instance, in September 2003 he went on secondment to the Home Office to work on Stop and Search as part of a small team in the Office for Criminal Justice Reform as part of plans to combat the racist harassment of black people.

In December 2010 he took on responsibility for leading the Metropolitan Police’s Stop and Search Team, looking at implementing policy.

It is because of people like this that Nigerians in the UK have decided to come together and organise the Nigerian Centenary Awards UK to celebrate those diasporans who have made a positive influence in our community and in society at large.

If you know of any Nigerian like this, who has made a positive influence in the UK, please go here and nominate him or her: – pls PLS ‘share’ this for others to know!!

Fri/27/June: Nigerian Centenary Awards UK. Venue: Waltham Forest Town Hall. Time: 7pm – 1am. Info:

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