Immigration on the rise in UK

According to official statistics, in the year leading up to March, Net migration has in fact gone up to 243,000, showing a rise by 68,000 which has left the Prime Minister’s promise to slash migration levels in tatters.

Two-thirds of the 68,000 rise can be attested to the large numbers of European Union nationals coming to the UK over a 12 year period leading up to March, with the remainder being made up of Romanian and Bulgarian arrivals due to the lifting of restrictions into the British labour market for both countries in January.

Despite these less can complementary statistics, Both David Cameron and Theresa May, the Home Secretary are still sticking by their target to reduce the immigration figure to the “tens of thousands” by next May’s general election, however it is inevitable that the spotlight will be turned on the very issue ahead of the election.

However criticism is already incoming from the shadow Home Secretary, Yvette Cooper: “David Cameron promised “no ifs, no buts” that net migration would fall to the tens of thousands. Instead it has gone up by nearly 70,000 in the last year.”

“This massive gap between Government rhetoric and the reality, as well as no serious action to tackle the root causes of anxiety about immigration is destroying public trust and confidence.”

In more detail, the migration figures have shown that a total 560,000 immigrants have arrived in UK over a yearly period up to March, while 316,000 have left. There has been an increase to 228,000 for people migrating for work, while 177,000 came as students. There is also an increase in people that are joining family members.


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