“I’m not sure she’s going about it the right way”, Pippa Middleton slams the Kim K and the ‘American obsession with booty culture”

We’re familiar with her derrière, and now we get to know a little bit more about Pippa Middleton…how delightful!


It’s always annoying isn’t it, when the media obsesses over women’s assets and forget about the fact that actually, women have brains and we’re intellectual human beings just like men.

Pippa Middleton is one of the world’s most photographed women today, not just because she’s the sister to the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, but because she has a cute tush.

The said tush almost stole the show at her sister’s wedding to Prince William  as she bent over to gather up the train for the bride’s Alexander McQueen dress during the most talked about wedding of the decade.

Pippa shopping in Knitsbridge in March this year. Photo: Vantagenews.co.uk

Pippa shopping in Knitsbridge in March this year. Photo: Vantagenews.co.uk

In the special Christmas edition of The Spectator, Miss Middleton pens her own column in which she tells us (rather beautifully) all the lovely little things she likes to do and her opinion on matters currently trending in the world i.e Kim Kardashian’s unsuccessful attempt to break the internet. The reality star’s nude cover for Paper magazine didn’t make quite the impression on the sister-in-law to the Royals. Middleton concedes defeat to Kim’s assets for ‘Bottom of the year award’, but wonders what really the fuss is about.

“No year is complete without a bottom story, and the ‘Rear of 2014’ award undoubtedly goes to Kim Kardashian, after her posterior exploded all over the internet last month,” writes Pippa. “I must say that mine — though it has enjoyed fleeting fame — is not comparable. But the Kim butt story did make me pause. What is it with this American booty culture? It seems to me to be a form of obsession. Kim’s aim, apparently, was to break the internet, but I’m not sure she’s going the right way about it.”

Was that shade? Yeah, a little bit of royal shade coming your way Kim and from one of the most unexpected sources too…you go Pippa, you go.

Read all about Pippa’s love for fishing and adventures truffle hunting in the Christmas special of The Spectator.


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