Iggy Azalea channels a bit of Motown with ‘Trouble’ Ft Jennifer Hudson

She’s gotten in trouble with hip hop’s baddest girl Azalia Banks, but it seems Iggy Azalea has now had enough of trouble makers. Her new single ‘Trouble‘ ft Jennifer Hudson is all about recognising danger signs (with men, not Banks), and making a bee line for the exit before things get out of hand.

The song has a cool Motown vibe thanks to J Hud’s amazing pipes and Azalea’s accompanying rap is her signature fun and catchy style.

The 24 year old Aussie spent the concluding part of 2014 defending her position in the rap game after Azealia Banks took a dig at her over the ‘appropriation of hip hop culture by white artists. Banks said Azalea’s rap was no better than what other black female MC’s were producing and questioned why despite her relatively new arrival on the scene, she seems to have garnered more recognition than herself and other black artists who were schooled in hip hop as opposed to have ‘imbibed’ it.

Iggy hit back at Banks, calling her a vile and angry woman who was using the feud to get cheap publicity.


While Banks got a lot of support from the black community, others questioned the merit of her claim that white artists shouldn’t be allowed to ‘steal’ black culture as there are black artists who are successful in predominantly white dominated arts like the Opera and Ballet for instance.

She may not be hard core hip hop or born into it, but this begs the question whether any form of art can be limited to any one race or country or region.

Here’s Iggy’s the lyric video for ‘Trouble’, which has snapshots of the main video expected to be released later this month. It was shot in LA with Iggy Azalea and Jennifer Hudson and was directed by Iggy Azalea herself.

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