How Boko Haram Insurgency Is Killing Off Not Only Farmers But Food Supply in North Eastern Nigeria

An Al Jazeera report in Nigeria’s northern region chronicles the effect the terror war of Boko Haram is having on the thriving farming industry in the region.

The report reveals what many analysts have feared with many farmers abandoning their farmland after repeated attacks by the militant group left many dead and others fleeing for their lives.

Boko Haram’s strategy has been to systematically target farmers during it’s attacks, storming farms as the farmers work and killing and abducting many in the process.

Authorities say entire farming villages are being wiped out, displaced or taken over by Boko Haram in areas such as Borno and Adamawa states.

The impact of the conflict is hitting the region hard with prices of food items shooting up and some items being completely unavailable.

With the region providing a large bulk of the country’s food supply, especially rice, it is only a matter of time before the effect of the conflict trickles down to the relatively calm southern region of the country. Last year authorities estimate up to 10, 000 hectares of  land were abandoned by 20, 000 farmers at the height of the farming season and many farmers have vowed never to return to their lands for fear of falling victim to the militants.

Many families in the region have lost loved ones to the insurgency and those who have survived are forced to live in unthinkable conditions as their means of livelihood is stripped away.

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