Hona Africa publishes short film on Post-Natal Depression

Boutique production company Hona Africa has released the documentary “Am I Not a Mother”, a 5-minute film about Post Natal Depression (PND).

The focus of the film is to share the stories of Zimbabwean mothers that have suffered from this condition, and the stigma that come with it, with the aim of the film being to raise awareness and support for a problem that is easily misdiagnosed and misunderstood in the African community.

3-10 days after giving births women can experience a brief period of high emotions and tears, that is known as ‘baby blues’. Although it affects 85% of new mothers, its considered normal as it is very common

10-15% of new mothers suffer from PND, which starts to appear six month after giving birth, whether gradually or at once. Developing at any time during the first year of the baby’s life, every mother affected can go through different combinations of symptoms but if left untreated, can go into chronic low-grade depression.

Hona Africa is currently a fledging production company found by Lawrence Zidyana and Christine Rupiah, with the vision of showing the true spirit of Africa through innovative storytelling and high production values.

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