Homicide Inquiry Launched As Man Dies In Ship Container With 35 Stowaways

Police in Essex have opened a homicide inquiry after discovering the body of a man in a container on a ship in Essex.

Authorities were called after workers at Tilbury Dock heard screaming and banging from one of the containers on a ship that had just arrived, only to open it to find up to 35 people including women and children confined within.

The P&O freight ship is thought to have departed from Belgium on an 8 hour trip to Britain and the stowaway were found with many said to be exhibiting symptoms of confinement. They were subsequently rushed to hospitals nearby and the UK border Force were also called to the scene as there were concerns that they may have been trying to enter the UK illegally.

The other containers on the Ship are in the process of being searched to ensure there were no more persons aboard the Ship who should not be there.

Many desperate immigrants try to enter the UK through various means without necessary documentation with some hiding in freight containers or trucks making their way to the UK, sometimes without the knowledge of the driver or staff on board the ship.


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