Here’s Why You Should Watch New Sitcom- The T-Boy Show (Review)

When we heard popular comedian and You Tube sensation T-Boy was going to launch a TV show based on his hit series ‘Don’t Jealous me’, we were very excited….and with good reason too.

T-Boy (real name Tolulope Ogunmefun) manages to maintain the balance between entertaining the audience and bringing to life the challenges many Africans face from the moment they arrive in the UK to issues affecting them on a daily basis while living in the UK.

The T-Boy Show is a sitcom about a rich Nigerian boy Tolu, whose father, a governor has sent him to come and live and study in London with relatives.

In this first episode of the series, Tolu arrives London from Nigeria to stay with his uncle’s widow (who’s white) and her son Seun.

The first thing to hit Tolu in the face is the surprisingly small size of what was to be his home for the next foreseeable future compared to his expansive mansion in Nigeria. A fact which he lamented relentlessly much to the dismay of his cousin and his mother.

A scene from the series

A scene from the series

His adopted family in the UK try their best to accommodate the obviously over indulged youngster but it’s not too long before a territory tussle between himself and cousin Seun, coupled with the imminent possibility of a lack of funds leads to Tolu feeling homesick.

There are many laugh out loud moments in the episode, including a scene where his aunt prepares a dish of ‘efo riro’ using ketchup and Tolu giving her a lecture on how to pronounce Nigerian names when she pronounced ‘Seun’ as ‘Sean’.

Seun as a character is one to watch himself. Addicted to all things comic and a lover of Star Wars, he’s adoringly goofy and provides an interesting angle to the show.

It will be interesting to see how the two get along in the coming episodes as he attempts to find his own voice in the domineering presence of his privileged cousin.

So far, T-Boy has attempted to escape his aunt’s home only to come running back tail between his legs after being mugged while sleeping rough.

He now has to come to terms with living in the UK with much less than he is used to, in the absence of his family and his much loved possessions.

He’ll also have to shamefully admit that his aunt’s little apartment and kitchen diner isn’t so bad after all.

There’s nothing like this on telly at the moment and it’s great to see that London’s newest Television station is leading the way in showcasing the capital’s diversity.

The show is produced by Debra Odutuyo, who is also responsible for bringing you ‘Meet The Adebanjos’ another sitcom about a Nigerian family living in Peckham.

The T-Boy show is on London Live every Monday at 6.30pm… should tune in.

Watch Debra Odutuyo talking about how the show came about in this clip with Smart Monkey TV



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