Here we go again…woman looses job opportunity because she’s wearing braids

You’d think with the recent furore over Zendaya Coleman‘s hair and the quite frankly humongous and very active natural hair movement, people- employers, the media, brands, would recognise the importance of recognising the diverse hairstyles and cultures and respect the choices of people to embrace their natural look rather than the standard European narrative we’ve been conditioned to accept as ‘the norm’, but it appears women of colour are still facing discrimination over their natural Afros.

A British woman told the BBC News that she was told by a recruitment agency that her braids were not a good fit for a brand as her role would involve promoting high end products. So Braids are sort of ‘low end?’

After applying to an agency to work in various depart stores, Hair blogger Simone was told she was successful, but was taken aback when the recruitment consultant asked if she ‘could take the braids out’. She was told ‘It’s not the company, it’s the brands. They go for a more ‘natural look.’

Is it right for an employer to dictate how you can or can’t wear your hair? Drop us a line to tell us what you think.

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