“Halal and Kosher meat Should Be Outlawed”- Britain’s Leading Vet

The president elect of the British Veterinary association has urged the government to ban the killing of Animals by slaughtering.

John Blackwell argues that cutting the throats of animals for ‘ritual’ purposes causes the animal unnecessary pain and actually contradicts the tenets of the religions (Islam and Judaism) that propagates it.

Mr Blackwell wants Britain to emulate the danes, who recently came under huge criticisms for being anti semitic, after passing a law banning the slaughter of animals for Halal and Kosher meat.

He told the Today programme on BBC Radio 4 that a rethink was needed to put animal welfare first before religious practices. “We are looking for a meeting of minds to review the evidence base which clearly shows that slaughtering animals without stunning compromises welfare. If that can’t happen then I would like labelling at the point of sale that gives the consumer informed choice. If that is not possible we would be looking for a ban for killing without stunning.”

Religious leaders in Britain have criticized Mr Blackwell for attempting to mislead the British public with his comments. According to the Daily mail, Jonathan Arkush, vice President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews responded that “Animals that are killed for the Jewish or Muslim markets do not bleed to death. Animals that are killed for the general market or the Muslim and Jewish market are killed in exactly the same way.”

Shimon Cohen, of Scechita UK, said if the government labelled meat which had been slaughtered for religious reasons it should also inform consumers if their meat had been ‘shot, gassed, electrocuted or drowned.

Muslim Nigerians in the UK have also expressed their dismay at Mr Blackwell’s comment.

Funmi, a mum from North London says there has to be a better way to sort out any disagreements between religious practices and animal welfare groups. Eating Halal meat is not an option for us, she says, it’s an obligation.

“Banning Halal meat will make things extremely difficult for us Muslims and we would rather not consume meat that does not conform to our religious belief”. #

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