Hackney Heroine- Pauline Pearce Quits Lib Dem Presidential Race. Accuses Party Of ‘Underhand Racism’

Pauline Pearce (right). Photo: Facebook

Well, There’s one for Racial Inclusion and Diversity

Pauline Pearce, the Hackney resident who became famous after a video emerged of her telling off a gang of protesters for looting during the London riots has accused the Liberal Democrats of not being totally transparent about their attitude to diversity and inclusion.

In a video posted on her Facebook campaign page on Sunday, the 48 year old, popularly called Lady P, said she was pulling out of the party’s presidential race because she’s been patronised due to her background and apparent lack of experience.

In the 5 minute video, she told supporters that she felt ‘hurt’ and ‘let down’ by the party.

“I’ve always promoted the party as a party of second chances, but since my running for president, I’ve realised that this party isn’t quite what I thought it was. ”

“Its not as inclusive or encouraging of diversity in the party.”

She continued, “I’ve been patronised and told that I’m not experienced. I’ve been ridiculed about my past for being an ex convict.”

She insisted that her past is not something that she’d hidden from the media or the communities she’s served adding that,  “I was involved with gangs and had a criminal record, but this is what made me the woman I am today.”

On the party’s claim of being inclusive and the top choice for giving people second chances, she said, “They do have your back until you’re going for a prestigious position within the party.”

She lamented the fact that some members of the parties leadership would not back her because of her criminal record and accused the party of  “underhand racism” for not being transparent enough about its views on diversity.

On experience, she questioned how she was expected to get experience if she wasn’t even allowed to stand for positions within the party and also addressed her inability to use email efficiently in communication because she could not afford home broadband.

“Its quite a devastating situation to be in,” she said. Insisting she would remain a Lib Dem memebr because she still “believes in a lot of lib dem values or policies.”


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