Great News all Moin Moin Lovers: You can now buy delicious Moin Moin FromTesco!!!


It feels so great to see Nigerians doing amazing things in the UK. Varo foods launched sometime last year and we’ve been following their progress ever since. It’s a great credit to them that one of Britain’s biggest Supermarket chain now stocks our very own Moin moin ;-).

One of Nigeria‘s staple foods, Moin moin goes down well with Jollof rice, fried rice and just about anything you could think of. Best of all, during this winter, how about Moin moin with a hot bowl of Pap (ogi?)? Heaven!

You could make your own moin moin, but God knows it’s not the quickest or most hassle free dish to make. So for those of us who haven’t got the time….this is a blessing.

Of course we’re heading down to the nearest branch to get ours and we’ll be sure to bring you a review asap!

Well, those days of waiting to visit a Tasty’s or Lekki Kitchen before being able to eat Moin Moin is over….you can now have it whenever you want right in your own house….Happy days!


You can also order online directly from the Varo website here:

Bon appetite 😀


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