Got a webcam? Russian hackers could be streaming your live feeds on creepy sites right now

Are you REALLY alone?

It sounds like something out of a horror movie, but cyber security experts are warning that hackers are streaming live content from unsuspecting Brits unto creepy Russian websites.

A Scottish student who was reportedly trying to watch a movie while having a bath was reportedly being spied on as hackers streamed her live unto websites. When she tried to turn off the webcam, her computer told her the device was being accessed by someone else. How creepy?

It’s not just young people being spied on though, the hackers target anyone who’s webcam settings are still on default. The list includes baby monitors, laptops,CCTV cameras in offices and even high street shops.

Experts are urging people to change their passwords to something stronger by not making use of obvious words (like celebrities, your pet’s or kid’s names), and mix it up with numbers and symbols.

The UK’s information commissioner Christopher Graham has stated that he will be working with Russian authorities to take down the site. However, it seems this might be slightly harder than imagined as the group behind the hacking have defended their actions, insisting that the hacking was done to highlight poor security and that they would only stop if and when security passwords have been upgraded.

Make sure yours isn’t prone to hackers by upgrading your security settings now.

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