Gloria Allred challenges Bill Cosby to agree to face charges as more women come forward with accusations

It’s not looking good for one of America’s most loved men.


The Bill Cosby sexual assault saga doesn’t seem to be letting up. Gloria Allred, a California attorney known for fiercely fighting women’s rights causes has challenged the 77-year-old veteran comedian to give up his statute of limitations so that he can be sued by accusers and tried in order to establish whether ‘he is a saint or a sinner’.

Under current laws. Cosby whose list of accusers seem to be growing daily, cannot be charged because his statute of limitations prevents his accusers from taking him to court.

Allred urged the comedian to wave this right and be tried or set up a fund of $100 million dollars to take of compensation claims which are deemed worthy by a panel of retired judges.

“It could be advantageous for Mr. Cosby to give up the statute of limitations because there is a huge cloud on his reputation and legacy,” Allred said. “The public deserves to know if Mr Cosby is a saint or a sexual predator.” She then added, “It is time for justice and accountability. We challenge Mr. Cosby to end this nightmare for both him and his alleged victims by accepting either option we propose,”

The California lawyer was peaking at a packed press conference on Wednesday where she was flanked by three more women who claim to have been assaulted by Cosby.

Explaining in graphic details, the women- one of whom was part of a group of women who had agreed to testify against Cosby in a previous lawsuit revealed how Cosby has drugged them and then sexually assaulted them.

One of them, who said she was only 17 at the time said she had been working in a hotel in the 70’s when she was introduced to the star. In tears, she told the conference she’d gone up to the bedroom as she was told she would be meeting a modelling agent, but as she felt unwell. Cosby supposedly gave her a drink which she now believes was spiked. She then revealed how he groped her and then she passed out not remembering what happened afterwards.

Cosby has not responded to Allred’s challenge and his lawyer’s have called the claims false, while the comedian himself has refused to be drawn on it in public.


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