Glamour Magazine explores Afro Hair and Beauty- and the results are quite fascinating

….at least to the Caucasian eye


Glamour Magazine’s beauty director Alessandra Steinherr embarks on a crash course to find out how women of colour embrace and nurture their Afro hair. In a series of four episodes filmed in conjuction with L’Oreal, Steinherr attempts to understand why more and more black women are favouring  natural hair and the inner workings of the beauty routine of a typical black woman.

The experiment is a familiar one, just ask anyone who’s had to answer and explain to colleagues at work how they’re currently sporting a sharp bob when only last month, they had curly waist length hair. On her Afro hair quest, Steinherr interviews a number of people, from BlackHair magazine editor Keisha Davis, to Fashion Bloggers Prince Cassius and Patricia Bright and DJ Sarah Jane as she quizzes them about everything from how to maintain both natural and relaxed hair to how many products black women use to maintain their hair .

To fully understand the beauty habits of black women would normally take years (heck, even we’re still discovering new routines everyday), so kudos to Steinherr for at least managing to cover the basics in what is less than a full feature film.

She also genuinely seems interested in the trend and she looked like she had a blast. We wonder how long it’ll be before we next see her in a head wrap? Soon we hope.

It may yet be some time before we see Afro Hair and beauty products occupying prime space in UK supermarkets and stores, but with many more programmes such as these, hopefully big brands will start to realise just how huge the market is and start engaging with women of colour.


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