Girl 12 and Boy 13 Become Britain’s Youngest Parents

by Jessica Onah
A 12-year-old girl and her 13-year-old boyfriend have become the youngest parents on record in Britain.
The girl who cannot be named for legal reasons was 11 and in primary school at the time she conceived last summer, had a 7lb daughter last weekend, it was revealed today.
The Sun newspaper reported that the pair from North London have been in a relationship for a year and say they are ‘totally in love’. They met over Christmas 2012 when she was ten and he was 12.
The pair have the lowest combined age of any British parents on record. She, at 12 years and three months, is five months younger than the UK’s previous youngest mother, Tressa Middleton.
It is expected that the couple will stick together and raise their baby together as a family.
The girl’s mother is now one of UK’s youngest grandmothers at 27, haven given birth to her daughter in her teenage years too.
BBC London Radio presenter Vanessa Feltz made this story her topic of discussion on her show this morning, with one caller describing the couple’s situation as ‘two wrecked lives’. The male caller believed Socialisation had a big part to play and that their situation was as a result of how young people are nurtured by their parents in this day and age.
It is thought that social services will now be giving the couple support.


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