Gidijand hits Rich Mix for a night of pure Afro- Pop

Ever wondered what a collaboration between British bred Nigerian artists and Nigerian homegrown artists would sound like? Well, look no further than the Afro-Pop phenomenon that is Gidijand.

Gidijand was born when SoundThread and Afro-Pop Live wanted to turn the streets of Lagos into a recording studio. With the help of the British Council, and in partnership with Goethe-Institute, their GidiJand pop-up recording project was realised. Be it in the markets, at the traffic intersections, and many other public spaces, their portable recording studio (housed in an old ‘molue’ bus) was met with wonder, intrigue and excitement.

The Gidijand project gathered musicians, rappers, vocalists, instrumentalists, DJs, and spoken word artists handpicked by Afro-Pop Live to create a musical journey and give performances in unique spaces around one of Africa’s most vibrant cities. The roster of musicians/artists ranged from the iconic to emerging new talent who fully committed to and collaborated in the creative process.

Now, GidiJand will be reignited in the UK to complete the journey: the ying to the yang, the Jand to the Gidi. The organisers will reunite some of the project’s artists who will perform, and run workshops at Rich Mix, Hoxton Hall and SOAS.

The line up includes Temi Doll Face, Wura Sambo and British Nigerian jazz artist Bumi Thomas.

Gidijand will be taking place at the main space in Rich Mix on Tuesday 20th September from 8pm. If you’re looking for some midweek Afro inspiration, this is the event for you!


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