Get your hair on fleek for Valentine’s Day with these fab tips from our hair experts

Curl – Roll – Pin – Spray!

Chanel Brookelyn – Managing Director of @Radiant_Salon 

One thing I am sure that most ladies can relate to, are the occasions when you have ample amount of ‘getting ready time’ and you use this opportunity to put extra effort into curling your hair.  It all seems to be going well, you are really feeling yourself and you even have time to take 100 selfies before you leave – but as soon as you reach your destination, your curls drop! One key element that most people get wrong when curl ironing their hair is that they don’t allow the curls to cool down, which results in them dropping after an hour or so.

But fear not! V-day is upon us and I have a tip that will ensure your curls last the whole evening and even for a couple of days after!

 TIP 1 – Preparing for your date: This is a great trick for curling your hair that’s simple and effective! Roll each fresh curl around your finger and fasten it to your head with a bobby pin. Once all the hair has been secured, spray it with hairspray for hold (L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni Art Air Fix Spray) and leave it to set for 10 mins (you can even take this opportunity to beat your face and get dressed!).  Now remove the pins one by one – run fingers through the hair to separate the curls a bit and you’ll have achieved effortlessly bouncy curls that will last!


BONUS TIP 2 – Prepping your hair for bed: Now that you have gone through all of that effort of curl ironing your hair for your date, it would be a shame if it didn’t last you for at least a couple of days after. So when preparing for bed, roll up sections of your hair into your fingers (like you did earlier) and fasten it to your head with a bobby pin. Use a small amount of castor oil around the edges of your hair (we gotta take care of those edges girl!) and tie a large silk or satin headscarf around your head ensuring all your hair is tucked away underneath. When getting ready in the morning, all you have to do is remove the pins one-by-one and style your hair as desired – and voila! – No need for extra heat!


Dionne Smith: CEO @dionnesmithhair

The flirty vintage curls look

sarah jane

For perfect date-worthy hair, you need to start off with clean, sweet-smelling locks. Use a coconut based shampoo and conditioner, and detangle your locks whilst the conditioner is in. Once you’ve washed it all out, apply a light heat protectant cream or oil on damp hair, then blow-dry in sections so it’s left smooth. When your hair is sleek and straight but still voluminous, take a curling wand or tong and starting at the nape of your neck, work in sections until your get to the front of your head (you can also use rollers or Curlformers for this.) Create a deep-side parting on one side of your head, then curl the larger half away from your face. Use a bobby pin and a small blob of serum to slick down the smaller side of your head, leaving you with a gorgeous flirty look perfect for a dinner date. If you’re off to a bar or party, tease the curls out for bigger hair!

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